Thursday, September 1, 2016

My Planner Essentials

Just the other day, I found some trinkets and velvet ribbons from Webster's Pages. Such rich textures and delicate charms! Perfect for my Color Crush planners :)  

My A5 Color crush planners (white) and Midori Traverler's Notebook (Black) are my daily companion and essential paper secretary. Can't do without it! Can't believe the year end is fast approaching and I'm already looking forward to a new favourite planner/ organiser!

Here you see, is my creative outlet Color Crush Naturals. These are great platforms for my creative spurts. Quick, concise and contained in these convenient, portable notebooks. Paper collages, practise novice calligraphy, stamping collages etc. You name it, as long as it is scrapbook, art related, it'll be in it. 

and ohoh! I forgot to mention :) 

THESE Cutie charms are back in stock!! For those of you who've asked , the Instax Camera Charms are back (Tho' not for long!) ...


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