Friday, October 23, 2015


It’s undeniably tempting to try something different for me as we approach 31st October! Although we do not use many decorations for Halloween, I decided to try my hand with a Black Bats themed home decor.
To set the mood, I pulled out black, grey, white pattern papers from Memorandum and Cedar Lane’s collection. Since I decided that I wanted to have a dominant black setting, I played around with similar tone pattern papers. It was a lot of fun putting these DIY handmade paper accordion flowers.

Using a black Ikea frame as a starting and focal point, I framed a black and white pattern paper (Memorandum: Desktop Pattern Paper) and layered vellum photo paper and accordion paper flowers.

Everything was pretty much quick to assemble with the help of the Silhouette. I churned out a Bat mask (Halloween Bat Mask) for added fun and die cut bats on black card stock (Bats and Moon).  Since it was a Black Bat themed home decor, Heidi Swapp’s Bat Marquee was an excellent addition!

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