Friday, June 8, 2012

and it was an unpleasant...

which started with a phone call; one that sends uneasiness, wondering thoughts and worry.
Story cut short, we had an burglary break-in this week.
It still sends shudders thinking about it.
I will skip the details but we are just grateful- things could have gotten a lot worse.

We just thank God NOBODY was hurt, nothing missing (can you believe that? not even ransacked.)
We are guarded, I am so tempted to walk with a baseball bat now. :(

This month is my last month with Prima's and will not be returning for the next year.
Good things must come to an end someday! :)
I thought I should give tribute to one of my very favorite companies.
Thank YOU, Prima, for the AMAZING Opportunity, Thank you for giving me a chance when I thought I wasn't worthy.
Thank You, Sharon and the fabulous girls on the team!! :)
I am/was TRULY SO SO HONORED, you have no idea ....
I will remember this episode and keep it in my lil' heart for a long long time.
Thank You for making my Scrapbooking Journey extra sweet ....

Indulge in me a little, okay.
My personal favorites with Prima's. The first 2 tags are based on Prima's June PPP.

Prima Canvas

Prima card

June em


Little Things

Prima Layout

P/s: Paging for my blog giveaway winner named "TARNISHED ROSE" .... PLEASE contact me for your prize ok ? I need your details to send it over to you.

Thank you for your little attention today ...
Stay safe, everyone.
God Bless....


pooky said...

Emeline, thank goodness no one was hurt!!! So sorry to hear about your misfortune.
So sad you are leaving Prima:( Love, love your work! Good luck on your next adventure!


Such exquisite creations, Emeline! Looking forward to more beautiful pages from you.
Hope you get over your break-in soon. Take care.

Janetcraft said...

Thanks to God for blessing you and your family all are fine....Sometimes, just be careful for after big reno,...Aw...Emeline...though your leaving is a little sad matter, but you have been giving Prima Mktg a great contribution to every single creativeness.
You are still a great DT.

pattyo said...

How scary, Emeline! It's a shame that things like that happen. I love, love, love all these beautiful projects you created. Will miss seeing them at Prima but will see you elsewhere.

Bellaidea said...

Emeline, your second name is Prima! Hugs!

Maureen Hayes said...

So sorry to hear of your terrifying experience and hope that you will be able to move past it quickly. Thank God you are all alright! Sad also to hear you are leaving Prima, but will continue to follow your beautiful and inspiring work here on your blog!

Have a good day!

BabyBokChoy said...

So sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident!! I am glad that you are all okay!!! Your projects certainly did not suffer!!!! Beautiful as always!K!

AnnaMarie said...

I'm going to miss working with you Emeline! Thank you for your constant inspiration over our past year with Prima, and I'm thrilled to have gotten to know you and become friends with you! You are AWESOME!! :) Will continue to follow your AMAZING work!! :) xoxo